Admission Process

  • In order to fill out and submit an Admissions Application you will need to Register on our site (an email confirmation will be required). This is a quick and simple process.
  • Fill out an application form as part of an admission process ticket
  • We will communicate with you periodically via email regarding the status of your application.
  • If admission is granted, you may accept the admissions offer by completing the formalities.
  • The student's accounts will be created on our system.
  • The Admission process ticket is formally closed.

Admissions Applications are made available online on Admissions Portal during specific times of the year.

All admissions are handled online, exclusively via our portal. We do not issue hard copies of our Application Forms.

All forms are reviewed by our Admissions Committee. This process could take between 4-6 weeks.

Application Forms are available separately for each school run by the Head Start Educational Trust and do not guarantee admission to any other institution run by the Head Start group.

Our admissions process is transparent. Selection is based entirely on our ability to meet the needs of the applicant. We do not appreciate the use of external pressure, political or otherwise.

All decisions regarding admissions are taken by the Admissions Committee.